Colette Robbins


Colette Robbins received her BFA from The Maryland Institute College of the Arts (MICA) and her MFA from Parsons the New School for Design. She has held residencies at Austevollportalen (Marstein Island, Norway), Cill Rialaig Project (Ireland), and The Vermont Studio Center. Her work has been shown at 101/Exhibit (Los Angeles), P.P.O.W. Gallery (New York City), Deitch Projects (New York City), The Hole Gallery (New York City), Koki Fine Arts (Tokyo), and Workshop Gallery (Venice, Italy), among others. Robbins work has been reviewed in The New Yorker Magazine, Artillery Magazine, LA Weekly, and Beautiful Decay, amongst others. She lives and works in New York City.



Colette Robbins develops her sculptures on the basis of extensive online image searches, gathering images of prehistoric art, fossils, and Greco-Roman busts, as well as open source 3D-scans of antiquities, fossils, and rock formations. Her source materials capture concepts ranging from evolution to politics and religious beliefs. Using 3D-modeling software, Robbins digitally disassembles and recombines these elements into totemic forms covered in rock textures, then produces 3D prints of them and further manipulates these through melting and sanding. Her sculptures thereby fuse iconic figurations and relics — representing biological evolution and belief systems — through a process of digital sculpting. Her pseudo-totems literally make a collective past malleable through digital technologies, evoking digital media's role in manipulating ideas, thoughts, and emotions, and “rewriting” history.



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2007                 MFA Parsons the New School for Design, NY, NY

2003                 BFA Maryland Institute College of Art, Baltimore, MD




2017                 Colette Robbins & Justin Amrhein Transmitter gallery NY, NY

                         Colette Robbins & Dana Haral SOME.TIME.SALON, San Francisco, CA

2016                 Colette Robbins: Archaeological Fiction, 101/EXHIBIT Los Angeles, CA

2015                 Colette Robbins, SOME.TIME.SALON, San Francisco, CA

2013                 Colette Robbins & Keri Oldham, Field Projects Gallery, NY, NY 

                         Colette Robbins & Seth Cohen: Relic, curated by Ginger Schulnik Porcella,

                         ISE Cultural Foundation, NY, NY

2009                 Colette Robbins and Dean Goelz, 92 Y Tribeca, NY, NY




2018                  Primal Machines, Arnold and Sheila Aronson Gallery, Parsons, NYC

                          Between The Walls, Tillou Fine Art, NYC

                          Masks, Totems, Talimans, One Mile Gallery, Kingston, NY 

2017                  Dead Drop, Honey Ramka, NY, NY

                          NO LEMON NO MELON, FLOWERS Gallery, NY, NY

2015                  Art On Paper with SOME.TIME.SALON, Miami, FLA

                          The Devil Within and The Devil Without, Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas, TX

2014                  NEW/IDOLS, Studio 301, Bushwick, NY, NY

                          Exquisite Corpse, curated by Amir H. Fallah, Mass Gallery, Austin, TX

                          Wanderers above a sea of smog, Katrina Van Tassel Projects, NY, NY

                          Koi No Yokan II, 101/EXHIBIT, Los Angeles, CA

                          Relic  ISE Cultural Foundation NY, NY

                          The Human Extension, The Lodge Gallery, NY, NY

2013                  Location, Location, Location curated by Sun You, Brooklyn, NY, NY

                          Strange Landscapes, One Mile Gallery, NY, NY

                          Desaturated Rainbow, Kopeikin Gallery Los Angeles, CA

                          Dead in August on the Lilac, Site 95, NYC

                          Desaturated Rainbow, Field Projects Gallery, NY, NY

                          Thanks, curated by Adam Parker Smith, Lu Magnus Gallery, NYC

                          MICA Pairs, 92 Y Tribeca, NY, NY

2012                  Fools Gold, RH Gallery, NY, NY

                          Earth Works: Ten Artists on Land and Industry, curated by Stuart Morrison

                          and Annelliis Beadnell P.P.O.W. Gallery, NY, NY

                          Portrait of a Generation, organized by Kathy Grayson, The Hole, NY, NY

                          Relocated with Kayrock Studios, Picture Farm, NY, NY

                          Fine Line, Curated by Leslie Rosa, Workshop Gallery, Venice Italy

2011                  Collapse, RH Gallery, NY, NY

                           The Living Room, Field Projects, NY, NY

                          Liminal Steps, Curated by Emet Sosna, Finance Fund, NY, NY

                          What Works, organized by Art Star, NY, NY

                          Hybrid Life Forms, Brooklyn, NY, NY

                          Try 2, Organized by Jacob Rhodes Jen Beckman Gallery, v

                          A Dessert in the Ocean, Lesley Heller Work Space, NY, NY

                          Fesad, Curated by Michael Meadors, Kleio Projects NY, NY

                          Single Fare, Sloan Fine Art, NY, NY

                          Discrete Power, Judson Memorial Church, NY, NY

2010                  Parlour #19, Curated by Leslie Rosa and Ciara Gilmartin, Sienna, Italy

                          Fools Gold Farm, RH Gallery, NY, NY

                          Parlour #18, NYC

                          Parlour at The Guild, NY, NY

                          Fragments, Curated by Meenakshi Thirukode, Parlour #17, NY, NY

                          Nice to Meet You, Sloan Fine Art, NY, NY

                          Parlour #13, Two’s Company NY, NY

2009                  Inferno, Curated by Leslie Rosa, Yaupetec, Mexico City, Mexico

                          Forever Summer, Curated by Scott Malbaurn, Platform Space, NY, NY

                          First Friday, Like the Spice, Brooklyn, NY, NY

                          Parlour#6 Watery Grave, NY, NY

2008                  Conceptual Figures, curated by Jeffrey Deitch and Kurt Kauper,

                          Deitch Projects, NY, NY  

                          Some Friends of Mine, Fort Gondo, St. Louis, MO

2008-05            Oranges on Toothpicks, The Bobble Head Collective,

                          The Art Parade Deitch Projects, NY, NY

2007-2002        MFA Thesis Show, Organized by Brian Sholis, Parsons NY, NY  

                          Slow Dance, Heidi Cho Gallery, NY, NY

                          Triple Exposure, Platform Gallery, Manitoba, Canada

                          Drawing Show, Curated by Thomas Butter, MFA Gallery Space, NY, NY

                          Buff Group Show, Buff Space, Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY, NY

                          Hot Picks, Bank Building, Baltimore, MD

                          Group Exhibition, H. Lewis Gallery, Baltimore, MD

                          Group Exhibition, organized by Ken Tisa, Center for Art and Culture,

                          Aix En Provence, France




2018-Present: Adjunct Faculty, The New York Academy of Art

                        Classes Taught: 3D Modeling and Digital Imaging for Painters and Sculptors

 2015-2018:    Adjunct Instructor, Hofstra University

                        Classes Taught: Drawing 1, Drawing 2, Drawing 3,

                        Life Drawing, Painting 1, 2, 3, and 4.  Professional Practice independent study.

                        Digital Imaging for painting, independent study.

 2014-2015     Adjunct Instructor, Lesley University

                        Classes Taught: Graduate level studio practice

                        and professional development

2014- Present  Adjunct Instructor, Community College of Vermont

                         Classes Taught: Drawing 1 Online Division

 2010-2017       Adjunct Instructor, Art Institute of Pittsburgh Online Division

                         Classes Taught: Drawing, Design Fundamentals, Color Theory,


2007-2010        Adjunct Instructor, Parsons The New School for Design

                          Classes Taught: Drawing 1 and Painting 1


Visiting Artist/Lecturer 

2018                  New York Academy of Art Guest Critic 

2015-2018        Hofstra University Visting Artist coordinator and lecture moderator

2014                  Maryland Institute College of Art Visiting Artist

2014                  ISE Cultural Foundation Painting, NYC

2012                  Networking in the Art World, Skillshare NYC

2011                   Harvard Art Museum, Cambridge, MA

2011                   Lesley Heller Workspace, NYC

2011                   Fordham University, NYC

2010                   Washington University, St. Louis, MO

2009                   Artist’s Lecture 92 Y Tribeca, NYC



2013                   Austevollportalen, Marstein Island, Norway

2010                   Cill Rialaig Project, Ireland

2008                   The Vermont Studio Center

2002                   Ken Tisa’s Center For Art and Culture, AIX En Provence Through MICA



2018                    Primal Machines, Arnold & Sheila Aronson Galleries, Parsons School of Design, NY, NY

2015                   The Devil Within and The Devil Without, co-curated with Keri Oldham Kirk Hopper Fine Art, Dallas, TX

2014                   Koi No Yakan II, 101 Exhibit, LA

2014                   10, 10 curators/10 artists, Cindy Rucker Gallery, NYC

2013                   Desaturated Rainbow, Field Projects NYC, and Paul Kopeikin Gallery, LA, CA

2011                   Collapse, RH Gallery, NYC

2010                   The Living Room, co-curated with Keri Oldham, Field Projects, NY, NY 



2016                    Exhibition Catalogue for Colette Robbins: Archaeological Fiction

                            Essay by Anna Nearburg with 101/EXHIBIT

2014                    Exquisite Corpse, MASS Gallery

2014                    Koi No Yokan II, 101/EXHIBIT    

2012                    Site 95 Journal 02-05

2012                    The Hole: Portrait of A Generation

2012                    Beautiful Decay Book 8

2012                     Site 95 Journal Vol. 01 Issue No. 11



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