No Lemon No Melon

27 July – 2 September 2017




This Summer, Flowers Gallery New York is pleased to present 'No Lemon No Melon', opening July 27th, 2017.

No Lemon No Melon brings together eight international artists whose work uses mirroring and layering to reveal structures and patterns present in the surrounding world. Through diverse practices of photography, sculpture and video, the artists approach physical and psychological interactions with commonplace materials and natural phenomena by applying transformative processes of layering, reflection, distortion and repetition. From sculptures that respond to the effects of light, air and gravity to attempts at mimicking or altering the natural world and patterns of behaviour, each implies the notion of a nuanced truth. Reflecting the palindromic title, the works in No Lemon No Melonaddress the unstable and subjective activity of identifying and manipulating meaning and order within our everyday lives.


Colette Robbins’ Archaeological Fiction series is inspired by the iconography of archaeology, neuroscience, psychology, and the mining of her personal history. Influenced by klecksography (creating images through inkblots) and the well-known psychological test, the Rorschach inkblot test, Archaeological Fiction mirrors the human tendency to seek meaning and patterns in visual data, known as apophenia or patternicity. On view in the exhibition are 3D-printed ‘totem’ sculptures from Robbins’ archive of symbolic images and objects. An avid rock collector, the sculptures are created using her photographs of their various shapes, which are manipulated using digital sculpting software, inviting a subjective reading of their abstracted symmetrical forms.

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