April 28th-May 4th

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Basal Ganglia,15”x11”,Watercolour,2015

“Colette’s works evoke a visceral sense of my place on this earth, of my body in relation to my surroundings. Long inspired by natural forms – sprays of water, caves, mountains, islands – her graphite paintings have depicted heads morphing and blending into environments of rock and stone, sand and dirt.


Though the presence of the body is not quite so literal in her new works, I find anatomy in the outline of her Rorschachs and the patterns within them – a pelvic bone, conjoined heads, breasts. This tendency to assign meaning, to see familiarity where there is none, labeled “patternicity” by Michael Shermer, fascinates Colette. She has also begun to experiment with a new medium, watercolor, leading her to create contrast between the colors and dark backgrounds that glow like a starry night.”


~Anna Nearburg, Executive Director


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